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[Goshu mainpage] Sero Hiki no Goshu
(Gauche the Cellist)

Synopsis - Page 4

[A Fond Farewell] Finally, the day of the concert arrives, and the orchestra receives a rapturous round of applause. The conductor leaves the stage, tearful with joy as he hears the calls for an encore. Yet, he has nothing to follow with; all their efforts were focused on the symphony. He calls on Goshu to perform an encore - solo. Thinking he is being mocked by his fellows, he is pushed on stage. Unable to retreat, he decides to get his own back by playing “Indian Tiger-Hunt”. There is deathly silence in the hall as his furious scratching, plucking and scraping rend the air. Stumbling off stage, he is surprised to see smiling faces, not frowning ones. The conductor praises him, saying the audience was impressed, and marvels at his progress in the past 10 days. While the conductor puts it down to Goshu’s youthful stamina - that he must have practiced continually for 10 days - Goshu realises it was the visits from the local animals that helped him realise his potential. He explodes in a joyous frenzy - but embarrassed by this incongruous outburst, tries to slink away.

But celebrations are in order - and with his invitation to the party afterwards, Goshu finally feels like an accepted part of the orchestra. The lady in the kimono draws their attention to the rosy sunset, which is watched by Goshu and all his friends scattered throughout the countryside. As he makes his way home, Goshu stands on the bridge and watches the cuckoo make his journey to the West, and sends a silent apology for his unknowing irritation when they first met. Stopping to pet an unfamiliar, yet friendly, dog on his way home brings his wonderful day to a fitting close.


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