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Gauche the Cellist
Gauche the Cellist
(Sero Hiki no Goushu)


Feature Film: 23 January 1982 / 63 minutes
Direction, Screenplay: Isao Takahata


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Gauche is based on a story by Kenji MIYAZAWA, one of the most-loved poet/storytellers in Japan (Miyazaki and Takahata love his works, and have been influenced by him). The movie was made as an independent project by a Japanese animation studio, OH Production, and took 6 years to complete. It is rather difficult to make a Kenji story into a movie because there are many Japanese just waiting to rip you apart if you screw up, but Gauche has been highly acclaimed, and is considered one of the best Miyazawa movies. The story is about a cellist, Gauche, who becomes a better cellist by interacting with animals who visit his home every night.

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