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Tour of Studio Ghibli 


1. Outside

The exterior of Studio Ghibli:
The studio was designed by Miyazaki.

                                                        "Studio Ghibli" name plate


Bicycle Parking: bicycle parking

Ghibli encourages its employees to commute on bicycle. There is more parking space for bicycles than for cars at Ghibli. 

In the case of natural disaster such as earthquake, manhole covers (see beneath the bikes) are removed and curtains are hung from poles so that this parking space can be turned into make-shift toillets.   This is also Miyazaki's idea.  After the Kobe earthquake (some of the staff members went to Kobe as relief workers), Miyazaki releazed that bathroom can be a huge problem in such a situation.


parking Special kind of bricks are used to pave the parking lot so that weeds can grow out of the hole in the brick. It also let the soil absorb rain water.




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