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This is a reformatted version of the "10 years of Ghibli" passage by Toshio SUZUKI that used to appear in Studio Ghibli's now-defunct English website. Its original location was http://www.ntv.co.jp/GHIBLI/history/history7e.html.

(7) Ghibli - Its Future

In the "Whisper of the Heart" released in the summer of 1995, GHIBLI tried a new staff composition: Miyazaki was responsible for producing, screenplay and continuity; and Kondo, who was the animation director in "Fireflies," "Kiki's," and "Only Yesterday," challenged as the director in this film. In addition, we are experimenting by implementing the latest digital technologies in various departments. After the completion of "Whisper of the Heart," GHIBLI has started on its production of its eleventh picture, in 1985 "The Princess of Mononoke," to be released in 1997. This picture, under the direction of Miyazaki, will be GHIBLI's new challenge in that a great deal of computer technology will be applied.

For this new challenge, a group specializing in CG has been set up and the least required system for CG system was implemented. At the same time, we invited a CG director from Nippon Television Network, who had worked with us in the "Pon Poco," to join us in the production team. The money we have invested in systems only for the first year amounts to 100 million yen. The digital technology which had shown good results in the "Whisper of the Heart" will be used massively in this picture. The computer technology will definitely give much greater depth into the animation images from what used to be mere flat two-dimensional pictures.

In April of 1995, GHIBLI started a "East Koganei Village School of Animation" in an effort to excavate and develop new directors to follow Kondo. The school master is Takahata.

There is no guarantee that Studio GHIBLI will continue to do as well as it has been. It has never slipped our mind that each picture comes to us as a new challenge. To continue to be innovative in terms of the quality of work, technology, and development of personnel is the first and most important factor in maintaining the essence of Studio GHIBLI.

This concludes my story on GHIBLI. If you have any questions, I would be glad to answer them. You must pardon me, though, for my responses will have to be in Japanese.

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