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Goro Miyazaki's Blog Translation (Page 89)

18th May 2006

Number 89 - This is the Theme Song

"Therru's Song", the song you all know, the one that is currently playing on the trailer and on the Asahi Soft drinks commercial, plays in the middle of the film.

In addition to this, there is another song that plays during the film. That is the theme song "Song of Time", which is intended to play over the closing credits.[1]

The words to "Song of Time" were written by Akino Arai and myself. The music was written by Akino Arai and Hisaaki Hokari. The song is sung by Aoi Teshima of course.

The process by which each one came about was different, but there they stand - "Therru's Song" and "Song of Time". These two songs stand in opposition to each other inside my heart. As it's name says, "Therru's Song" is Therru's Song. "Song of Time" is the boy hero Arren's song. "Therru's Song", whose music was written by Hiroko Taniyama, is a lovely song that lingers in the ears, but "Song of Time" is, appropriately for the end of a movie, a really beautiful piece of music.

Until the theatrical release, I don't think any of you will have the opportunity to hear it, but I really hope you will listen to "Song of Time", which plays over the credits, right to the end.

Translator's Notes

[1]: This is written as 'Endingu' in Katakana. I presume this means over the credits, where Ghibli Songs usually play.

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