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(Tales from Earthsea)

Goro Miyazaki's Blog Translation (Page 86)

10th May 2006

Number 86 - Final Cutting

At long last, today and tomorrow are the end of cutting.

At this stage, key animation, the animation director(s), and the art department have finished their work, but in-between animation, ink and paint, CG, and imaging are still working on.

To get things ready in time for the final round of cutting, the staff of each of these departments have been working like maniacs. The production department's estimate at the outset was that we would go into final cutting on rolls five and six with 50% of the images complete, but actually we've already completed 80%.
For a novice like me, this is really gratifying.

It is indeed possible to cut footage while that is only at the stage of key animation, or the animation director's work, or of in-between animation. But, particularly for work at the stage of key animation or the animation director, it then becomes difficult to decide the subtle connections of the final cut. For that we rely on the instinct and years of experience of Mr Seyama who is in charge of the editing.

But that said, the final responsibility for cutting lies with me. Also the efforts of so many staff demand to be rewarded. If I use the fact that the images aren't finished yet as an excuse for stuffing up the cutting, I will not be forgiven.
Even I am well aware of the tension building up to even higher levels than before.

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