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[Earthsea mainpage] Gedo Senki
(Tales from Earthsea)

Goro Miyazaki's Blog Translation (Page 60)

24th March 2006

Number 60 - A sharp tongue is the proof of closeness?[1]

Whatever I am thinking immediately appears on my face,
so when I occasionally go with Producer Suzuki to an important meeting or something,
I usually get scolded on the way back.

The fact is, I also have a really sharp tongue. This was something I realized in High School.
Actually today...
"Forget the souvenir, bring me back a project"
"When you use lots of industry terms you look like an idiot"
"Recently, you've been dozing off at work less. Are you getting enough sleep?"

If I don't give some concrete examples it's not interesting,
but everything I can remember has obstacles to me repeating it,
so I can't write it here.

I say all this,
but it's because we are close that I can unleash my poison tongue.
That's the honest truth.

Speaking of which,
my sharp tongue has never emerged yet when talking to the production staff.
Probably I still can't manage to be honest.

Translator's Notes

[1]: After the first line, not a single personal pronoun appears, so it's hard to tell whether he's talking about himself or about Toshio Suzuki. Obviously that makes a difference to the meaning of the whole thing.

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