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(Tales from Earthsea)

Goro Miyazaki's Blog Translation (Page 56)

17th March 2006

Number 56 - The Wind from Fuji

Yesterday, the 16th, we had a big storm with strong wind and rain.
The wind today continued to be strong.

At this point, because of the remarkably spring-like weather, the sky continues to be hazy.
Views of Mt Fuji from Higashi Koganei, where the company is located, have become more uncommon. But because of the wind and rain that started yesterday, the air cleared up.
This morning, as soon as I arrived at work, I went up to the roof.

In front of me, the Takao, Okutama mountain range extended blue and thick beneath the clouds, beyond that, Mt Fuji, wreathed in clouds and bathed in the morning light, soared gleaming white.

The wind was a westerly wind, from Fuji to Ghibli.

In that moment this morning,
as I stood there facing the wind,
I felt my body filled with strength.

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