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(Tales from Earthsea)

Goro Miyazaki's Blog Translation (Page 19)

17th January 2006

Number 19 - "Magic" that's like magic

Yesterday when Producer Suzuki, in order to create a preview version, took another look at the Leica reel[1], he said, jokingly, "This movie is a bit too hard on old people, isn't it?"

Certainly Ged, a mage who has passed into middle age, travels with the hero, Arren. But although Ged is the world's strongest magic user, he doesn't use that magical power to knock down enemies one after the other in a spectacular display of effectiveness.

No light shoots from his hands. He doesn't fly around the sky. He doesn't chant spells that summon monsters either.

Magic in the world of Earthsea, the setting of the story, is about knowing the true nature of things, and working on that. It is built on a deep understanding and empathy for nature and humanity.
That is why, even say for the purpose of defeating evil, I don't want to make magic and instrument of violence.

Magic is not just a tool for creating a fantasy.
It is something that takes the various forces at work in the world that we live in now and makes them clearly visible to our eyes.
This kind of magical device is the magic of "Tales of Earthsea".

Translator's Notes

[1]: A Leica reel is like a very early rough of the film made from still shots of the storyboards.

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